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13/25- [Israele] Galilee Institute. The Israeli Palestinian Conflict (conferenza)

Galilee International Management Institute
Centre of Middle East and Religious Studies

Summer Session
The Israeli Palestinian Conflict: Understanding Both Sides

Next Programme: 13 - 25 July, 2016

Political Science and Middle East Studies
Every year Galilee International Management Institute, Israel delivers a summer programme for students of history, political science and Middle East studies and professionals interested in the Middle East. The programme focusses on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, its roots, background and current situation.


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Summer 2016

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The programme begins with an overview of the Israel-Palestine region, presenting the historical background, as well as a look at the social and economic conditions; ethnic and religious backgrounds. The programme is of a two week duration; comprising 80 academic hours of lectures by Palestinian and Israeli academics and experts, offering their respective points of view. Different aspects of the conflict are examined by Palestinian and Israeli lecturers and different points of view are discussed. The lectures are supplemented with Study Tours in order to allow students to gain first-hand experiences of the region.

The programme seeks to deepen the participants’ knowledge of conditions, developments and trends in Israel and the Palestinian territories and to highlight some of the diverse issues at the centre of the political, social and religious divides.

The programme aims to:

- Present an overview of the history of the land of Israel-Palestine
- Acquaint participants with the different ethnic and religious groups in
   the region, their way of life, beliefs, views and inter-relations
- Present different perspectives and views regarding the Israeli-Palestinian
- Deepen the participants' understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
   and current issues

The summer programme is intended for students and faculty members of history, political science and Middle East studies, and professionals interested in the Middle East.

All participants must be fluent in English.



- Israeli Society: Sociological Structure, Trends and Prospects
- The Sunni-Shi’ite Conflict in the Modern Middle East
- From the Concept of Redemptive Jewish Nationalism through the
   Realisation of the State of Israel 1948
- The War of 1948 and its Consequences: The Palestinian Refugees
- The Core Issues of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
- The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and its Implications on Israel’s National
- Religion and Democracy in Israel: Friends or Foes
- A Brief Introduction to Elections and Democracy in Israel: Political Parties
   and their Security Agenda
- A Palestinian Perspective to the Peace Process, Challenges and
- Hamas against Fatah: An Internal Palestinian Struggle
- Oslo Accord – An Insider’s View
- The Israeli–Palestinian Conflict: Two Complementary Views of
- Israel and The Arab Spring: Identifying and Seizing Opportunities

Study Tours

- Al-Haram Al-Sharif Plaza
- Bethlehem: A Palestinian Town and the Birthplace of Jesus
- Golan Heights and the Lebanese Border
- Jerusalem: The City of Three Monotheistic Religions
- The Galilean Mosaic: Pluralities and Minorities in the Galilee
- Gaza Border Villages in Israel
- Jisr az-Zarqa – An Arab Village

First-hand Experiences

- Centre for Humanistic Education, Kibbutz Lohamai Hagetaot
- Visit to a Jewish Settlement
- The Separation Wall
- Political Debate between Various Political Parties

Please Note: The above curriculum outline is intended as a guide only. The sequence of course offerings is subject to change at the discretion of the administration.


Mrs. Shoshi Norman
Director Centre of Middle East and
Religious Studies
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