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05/19- [Palestina] Al Kamandjâti Festival (musica)



from the sacred land of Palestine to its heart, Jerusalem
April 5 th > April 19th 2020

Al Kamandjâti association has the pleasure to invite you to join a very special musical and spiritual journey in Palestine travelling through cities and villages.

Artists from all over the world are invited to present their respective musical cultures to Palestinians, as well as to work with Palestinian musicians in order to come up with new musical creations that are then performed during the festival.

15-day tour through the sacred land of Palestine

From North to South, Palestinian ancient heritage will reveal its secrets of art and history through alternative visits designed by our tourism partners. The festival will make stopovers in several locations, including, Jerusalem, and Gaza.

A special journey through music & sacred traditions

Al Kamandjâti Festival has invited musicians, thinkers and artists from all over the world: Azerbaijan, Belgium, France, Norway, Spain, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Oman, India…and from Palestine of course!

A significant contribution to the local economy

A clear objective of the festival is to strengthen cooperation with the stakeholders while producing the event. From one city to the next, the team will give priority to the local resources and skills available for more sustainability. In addition, it will promote the local expertise and will highlight local crafts.

An ambitious and rich program for this edition

Under the artistic direction of Alain Weber, an expert in the field of traditional music in charge of the Fes World Sacred Music Festival among others, this event brings together on the same platform concerts, improvised musical encounters, performances especially designed for the festival, public readings, lectures, and sustainable guided tours.

Dhikr & Sufi nights in Jerusalem around “Al Nabi Mousa Mawsem”

The Mawsem of Al Nabi Mousa is a seven-day long pilgrimage that belongs to the religious and popular heritage of the city of Jerusalem. Palestinians from the whole country were used to gather some days before the start of the Mawsem in the old city of Jerusalem, before starting the celebrations and their walk to Al Nabi Mousa while brandishing their flags. And the festival will celebrate the Mawsem in Jerusalem with Dhikr and Sufi nights from April 6th to 10th.

A glimpse of Al Kamandjâti fieldwork

Founded by the viola player and conductor Ramzi Aburedwan, Al Kamandjâti non-profit organization aims to create more and more synergy between cultural and educative actors, developing projects on different scales: teaching and training programs, music production in Palestine and abroad, and preservation of the cultural heritage of Palestine and of the Arab world.



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