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28- [Israele] Galilee Institute. One Land, Two Peoples and Three Religions (conferenza)

Galilee International Management Institute
Centre of Middle East and Religious Studies

One Land, Two Peoples and Three Religions
Dates: 28 December, 2016 - 9 January, 2017

This programme focusses on the Jewish/Christian/Islamic religions, their roots in Israel and their relationship in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It presents the history as well as the current situation.  We believe that the only way to truly develop a better understanding is to visit the area and meet the people living here. Participants study stories from the sacred scripts, in visits to the physical locations where the stories occurred. They delve deeply into the issues through lectures, delivered by Israeli and Palestinian academics as well as attend study tours and meetings with members of the varied communities. The programme is open to all professionals, students and faculty members who are interested in the subjects.


    Sanctity of Jerusalem and the Holy Land in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
    Importance of Religion in the Middle East
    An Introduction to Islam
    Sunni-Shi'i Conflict in the Modern Middle East
    History of Judaism: an Insider’s View
    Diversity of Christianity in the Holy Land
    Christian Roots in Judaism
    Messiah: Prophetic Visions of Redemption and Later Interpretations
    From Redemptive Jewish Nationalism to the Realisation of the State of Israel
    Palestinian Refugee Question
    Core Issues of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    Palestinian Perspective on the Peace Process
    Arab Palestinian Citizens of Israel
    Israeli Society: Sociological Structure, Trends and Prospects
    Internal Palestinian Struggle: Hamas against Fatah
    Elections and Democracy in Israel: Political Parties and their Security Agenda

Study Tours

    The Galilean Mosaic: Pluralities and Minorities in the Galilee
    Holocaust Museum – Centre for Humanistic Education
    Al-Haram Al-Sharif Plaza
    Jewish Settlement
    Sea of Galilee
    Golan Heights
    Dead Sea
    Jerusalem: Via Dolorosa and the Western Wall
    Separation Barrier, Jerusalem and NGO “Ir Amim”
    Bethlehem: Church of the Nativity and NGO “Holy Land Trust”

* The curriculum and study tours are subject to change at the discretion of the administration.


Duration - 13 days
Academic Hours - 80 total

Classes and accommodation are at the GIMI Study Centre at Kibbutz Mizra, which is located in the rural northern region of Israel.

Fluency in English
Academic degree in political science, Middle East Studies or related subject preferred
BA students are required to submit a recommendation letter from a lecturer


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