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03- Abraham: Out of One, Many

Opening of the art exhibition "Abraham: Out of One, Many." This timely, multi-faith exhibition features artists from the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian faith traditions whose work reflects upon the figure of Abraham and what he teaches us about peaceful and harmonious coexistence. This exhibition is sponsored by Caravan.

The opening is on May 3rd at 17:30. There will be music from the Gambian musician Kora Hero, an aperitivo, and speakers including Sinan Hussein (one of the artists), The Right Rev. Paul-Gordon Chandler, Director of Caravan, and The Most Revd Michael Louis Fitzgerald, the former President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.

May 3, 2019 - June 9, 2019, 5:30pm
St. Paul's Within the Walls

“ABRAHAM: Out of One, Many” is an artistic response by celebrated Middle Eastern visual artists to today’s climate of increasing prejudice and stereotyping, which is resulting in a new type of “tribalism,” and a recent rise of antisemitism and anti-Muslim sentiment in the West.  “ABRAHAM: Out of One, Many” (playing off of the Latin motto “E pluribus unum” / “Out of many, one”) focuses on what Muslims, Christians and Jews have in common because of their shared ancestor Abraham, a spiritual figure of distinct significance within the three primary monotheistic faith traditions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism.  The exhibition highlights what we can all learn from Abraham’s example about living together more harmoniously.  In these three faith traditions, whose followers are referred to a “children of Abraham,” Abraham is seen as a model of hospitality – of welcoming the “stranger” and embracing the “other.”  The exhibition attempts to artistically answer the question, “What can Abraham can teach us today about freeing our world from sectarian strife?”

The exhibition involves three globally acclaimed Middle Eastern contemporary artists – Sinan Hussein, Qais Al Sindy, Shai Azoulay – from Muslim, Christian and Jewish faith traditions. Each artist has created work that focuses on how Abraham’s example that can guide our world today in living harmoniously.

The exhibition will tour for 20 months through Europe and the USA, beginning in Rome, Italy at St Paul’s Within the Walls from May 3-June 9, 2019. The exhibition will then be showcased in Paris, France and Edinburgh, Scotland over the summer of 2019, before beginning to tour the USA through the end of 2020.

For information on “ABRAHAM: Out of One, Many” please visit the website.

St.Paul's Within the Walls
Via Napoli 58 - 00184 Roma


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